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“The Tonearm”
with the
fidelity legacy


For many years, we had been envisioning a highly distinctive tonearm design. Over a period of six years, we developed a series of prototypes that yielded excellent sonic results. Listeners were consistently impressed with the sound quality, as well as the build quality and ease of use. Yet, Volker Bohlmeier, the owner of EINSTEIN, remained somewhat unsatisfied. According to the EINSTEIN philosophy, if something is missing, it cannot be considered a genuine EINSTEIN product, and as such, it will not be manufactured.

A Story to tell

It was inevitable that Volker Bohlmeier and Katsuaki Ishiyama would cross paths. Both of them had been developing and manufacturing audio equipment in their respective worlds for decades, and they shared an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of material and build quality. Their mutual fascination with the groundbreaking achievements of Fidelity Research sparked ideas for improvement and innovation, culminating in the creation of the Einstein “The Tonearm” – a superlative achievement in tonearm design made possible only by their unique collaboration.


The length is
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“Every detail of

“THE Tonearm” is meticulously designed to achieve unparalleled precision and beauty. It’s not just a piece of audio equipment, it’s a work of art that brings your music to life with stunning accuracy.”

The essence of greatness, recognized by the discerning few. those who know, know.



Katsuaki Ishiyama is an outstanding figure at IT Industries in Tokyo, whose expertise and talent in developing groundbreaking products like “The Tonearm” are invaluable. His technical finesse and passion for audio technology have helped our company set new standards. Not only professionally, but also personally, he is a cherished friend who maintains a close connection despite the distance at the other end of the world and contributes valuable aspects to friendship and collaboration.
We deeply mourn the loss of Katsuaki Ishiyama and are grateful for the continuation of our collaboration with his daughter. Since her childhood, she has worked side by side with her father, bringing years of experience to ensure that the legacy of quality and innovation endures.

The inner values

Precision Engineering for perfect sound

Collaborating with a company specializing in high-precision mechanics, we were able to bring the EINSTEIN “The Tonearm” to life. Decades of experience in tonearm construction and precise engineering make the EINSTEIN “The Tonearm” a remarkable product. It boasts perfect resonance control, excellent dynamic balance, optimal geometry, and user-friendly handling, among other fantastic features. Its structure and adjustment options are self-explanatory and easily comprehensible. Compared to many other tonearms, achieving optimal and long-lasting calibration is a breeze.


The sound is incredibly transparent and precise, with exceptional bass control and timing. No ringing or disturbing resonances interfere with the playback process. “The Tonearm” reads the mechanical information perfectly from the groove and delivers an undamped sound without any loss of energy. Even low-frequency impacts from the speaker at high volumes don’t shake its composure. It remains composed and in control all the way to the end of the record.

“The tonearm” 10”/12”


10 or 12 inch

Tonearm pipe

No resonances due to perfectly stiff tone arm pipe with stainless steel outer pipe and aluminum inner pipe

Tonearm base

Massive machined bearing block for non resonant and precise bearing set up


Removable headshell milled from solid aluminum block with innovative play-free locking mechanism


Azimuth set up with precise and tight locking system


Newly developed bearing technology. A solid milled bearing block prevents bearing resonances and ensures optimal adjustment of vertical and horizontal bearings


Copper or silver


Sophisticated height adjustment for perfect VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle)

Perfect combination with medium and low compliance cartridges

Additional tonearm weight for cartridges with high own weight

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