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“the phonoamp”

mesmerizing three-dimensional soundstage

a rare marvel in audio amplification

The new EINSTEIN Phonoamp is the ultimate answer of a superb phono amplifier in a discrete single transistor design. 48 single transistors are used in three amplifier stages. Such an incredible effort is extremely rare in the audio industry, but the superb technical specifications justify this commitment. There is no other manufacturer we know of who is as successful in a discrete design like this. Due to the mechanical novelty of two faraday cages for perfect shielding this phono amp is dead quiet. No hiss, no noise which can damage the fragile signal the cartridge delivers. To avoid any mechanical sound limiting interferences into the fragile phono signal too, the two mono phono amps in the inner faraday cage are set up on a floating sub chassis.



The sophisticated high energy external double mono power supply with a high efficient input filter avoids any interference from the mains into the audio circuit. Even higher voltage drops or peaks don`t affect the sound quality.

The inner values

Tailored for moving coil cartridges

To achieve best sonic results “The Phonoamp” is specified for moving coil cartridges only. The perfect impedance load can be adjusted by custom made RCA plugs in the rear panel of “The Phonostage”. The design of “The Phonoamp” is optimized for low level, as well as for higher output level cartridges. There is no need for any gain adjustment. This way there are no sound limiting interferences of dip switches in the signal path for cartridge loading and gain adjustment.

Capturing the Finest Nuances

The sound is absolutely stable and in focus with an incredible authority and live character. A perfect three dimensional soundstage with details you have never heard from your vinyl records. Even the finest details will be transferred to your ears. The dynamics over the complete frequency band are something very special – this phonoamp makes pure, delicate, smooth, explosive and exciting music.

Resolution Enhancement

For reasons of sound quality, feedback in the amplifier stages has been avoided. The elaborate power supply decoupling with 14,000 uF on each preamplifier module ensures a disturbance-free and highly dynamic sonic image – music gains resolution, and even the slightest dynamic shifts in music playback become audible. The galvanic separation of the two amplifier channels and their dual-mono design with separate power supplies prevent disruptive ground loops and crosstalk between both channels. The ground connection is only established at the connected amplifier, ensuring that the signal remains unaffected by any humming or noise. No interference clouds even the smallest musical signal. Any sonic spatial information (reverb, room size) becomes audible. An experience that is typically only provided by live music. It feels as if the artists are tangibly present in the room.

Eliminating Interference

The power supply, designed as a dual-mono system housed in a separate enclosure, independently provides power to both amplifier channels. This design ensures strict isolation between the two channels, eliminating any interference on the amplifier section. The power supply is meticulously engineered with an elaborate DC filtering using 10×2200 uF capacitors and efficient electronic stabilization with ample voltage reserves, making ‘The Phonoamp’ immune to fluctuations and disturbances from the mains power. As a result, there are no longer any adverse sonic effects on the music signal.

Complete Dual-Mono Design

„The Phonoamp” is available in a single version for one tonearm and in a double version for two tonearms. The double version includes 4 phono stage elements (2 x 2) and two identical power supply boards.

– Elaborate DC filtering
– Consistent dual-mono construction using discrete transistors
– Electronic stabilization with ample reserves against power fluctuations
– Ensured prevention of ground loops through strict separation of power supplies
– Elaborate power supply decoupling
– Passive RIAA curve correction

“The phonoamp”


68 db

signal to noise ratio

> 82 dB  1mV/1KHz  

channel balance

> +- 0.3 (without any feedback)


12 db


< 0.04 % at 1mV 1 KHz(without any feedback)

riaa equualization


cartridge loading

adjustable up to 2 kHz (any value with resistor loading plugs

output impedance

60 Ohm

output voltage

10 V (RMS) max

input voltage

3.5 mV at 1 kHz max (headroom)


Phonostage Single 6 kg, Double , Power supply 5.5 kg

dimensions (H x D x W)

Phonostage 215 x 360 x 150 mm, PSU 215 x 360 x 150 mm

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