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“the preamp”

double mono excellence

Advancing sound quality

The Preamp” represents the culmination of meticulous engineering and dedication to sonic excellence. Through careful design and technical expertise, it offers an enhanced listening experience that captures the true essence of your music. With its advanced circuitry and precise signal processing, The Preamp” faithfully reproduces the subtle nuances and intricate details by delivering an exceptional level of clarity and fidelity.



The starting point for our new preamplifier was the development of a larger and mechanically more stable housing. This larger, resonance-optimized, and thermally improved enclosure enabled us to implement new sophisticated circuits and significantly optimize existing ones. The circuits are now much better isolated from mechanical and acoustic interferences. The optimal thermal balance greatly reduces the temperature inside ”The Preamp”, relieving strain on the components and reducing inherent noise.

The inner values


The Preamp” features a two-stage amplifier concept as its core principle. The initial stage acts as an input and symmetry amplifier, efficiently amplifying and converting the input signal into a balanced signal in a single discrete stage. This design minimizes signal paths and reduces components that could impact the signal. With its balanced configuration, the amplifier offers enhanced interference protection and significantly extends the bandwidth, all achieved with just one amplifier stage.

The second stage serves as the output amplifier. While it doesn’t provide voltage gain, it acts as a pure impedance converter with ample current reserves. The output stage of The Preamp” is fully balanced, double mono, utilizing four NOS PCC88 tubes per channel. These carefully selected tubes offer exceptional linearity and high bandwidth, ensuring minimal distortion and a low output impedance. The signal path is exceptionally short.

Decoupled channels for interference-free performance

The amplifier channels are isolated from the housing and mounted on separate low-resonance sub-frames, effectively safeguarding them against external interferences like microphonics and mechanical resonances. The ten tubes in the input stage are meticulously selected and paired to ensure optimal performance. The input stage, known as EINSTEIN, maintains absolute linear phase and an expansive bandwidth, facilitating ultrafast and unadulterated signal processing. To ensure tube longevity and balance operational losses, EINSTEIN has devised a sophisticated circuit directly implemented at the input tubes.

Signal Path Integrity

In adherence to the ideal case of the reinforcing wire, the volume control in The Preamp” operates outside the signal path. As a result, the signal and signal-to-noise ratio remain unaffected. The EINSTEIN volume control circuit ensures consistent signal purity and signal-to-noise ratio regardless of the volume position, a level of implementation unmatched by any other manufacturer in the audio industry.


Another remarkable feature of The Preamp” is its input selector circuit design. It operates without the need for switches, relays, FETs, or ICs. The EINSTEIN input selector circuit achieves its functionality by booting and powering down the heating voltage of the corresponding input tubes. This approach ensures that the input signal remains unaltered, free from any sonic or measurement limitations imposed by switches, relays, FETs, or other components. This unique circuit design sets The Preamp” apart as a one-of-a-kind solution in the high-end audio realm.

Realistic soundstage and impressive energy

The fully balanced output stage of The Preamp” utilizes four carefully matched and selected NOS EI PCC88 double triodes per channel. With an exceptional bandwidth extending into the MHz range and the ability to deliver ultra-high current, the output stage ensures an incredibly fast playback with remarkable detail and a realistic soundstage. This innovative circuit design possesses abundant energy and a low output impedance, enabling it to effortlessly drive even high-sensitive speakers.

Natural sound guaranteed

To ensure optimal pulse and signal purity, the power supply of our new amplifier has been completely redesigned. Perfectly stabilized supply voltages, sophisticated and wide-band decoupling, as well as incredible energy reserves, make our preamplifier significantly less dependent on the quality of the mains. Distortion, voltage swings, and dropouts do not affect the amplifier circuit in any way. High-frequency interference from magnetic or changing fields, energy-saving lamps, and other network sources has been nearly eliminated. Even under adverse conditions, the musical signal of our new preamplifier, The Preamp”, remains pure without any limitations. The excitement of a realistic, natural sound is guaranteed.

“The preamp”


(H x L x D)

20 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm


20 kg

Channel Separation

> 98 db


7 Hz untill 400 kHz

Output Impedance

50 Ohm

max. Input Voltage

7 Volt

Output Voltage

bal. 2.5 Volt to 100 Oh


@ 1 kHz

< 0.01%

Stereo Imaging

Exceptional channel separation, resulting in precise, focused stereo imaging

No global feedback design

Signal-to-noise ratio

Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio of approximately 100dB, ensuring no noise even with high-efficiency speakers – no masking of subtle music details by background noise

Output Stage

Extremely high-current output stage – no issues with load impedance

Output Impedance

Very low output impedance of 50 Ohms – no issues with cables or power amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers

Fully balanced dual mono design

Signal Paths

Only 2 amplifier stages and point-to-point wiring – resulting in very short signal paths; Potentiometer not in the signal path

Source Selection & Tube Circuitry

Source selection without relays, FETs, or switches in the signal path – accomplished by turning on or off the heaters of the input tubes – one for each input, left + right channel

Connectivity & Setup

Variable input sensitivity for the proper preamp connection; not in the signal path thereby also optimally used in a bi-amped setup

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