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“The record player”

an ode to analog


A Story to tell

After a prolonged and dedicated development process, the EINSTEIN “The Record Player” emerged as a culmination of relentless efforts. Many hours of engineering and unwavering passion were invested in achieving the ultimate goal: an unparalleled music playback experience. The journey of crafting this turntable led to a testament of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it an ideal choice for even the most discerning audiophiles. Embracing tradition and analog love, “The Record Player” encapsulates a timeless pursuit within its compact design.

A symphony
of precision
and passion

A Timeless Medium

Cherishing the Love for Detail and Preserving Traditions: “The Record Player” stands as a testament to our commitment to precision and craftsmanship. Embracing the analog world, it embodies the enduring charm of vinyl, a timeless medium that keeps music enthusiasts captivated. As the allure of vinyl endures through generations, “The Record Player” captures the essence of nostalgia and delivers an authentic, immersive listening experience. Its captivating sound and the tangible connection it fosters with music ensure that turntables will never go out of style, continuously enchanting audiophiles for years to come.

“Indulging in the EINSTEIN Record Player is akin to a captivating live performance within the sanctuary of your home.”

The inner values


The record player’s motor is housed in a specially designed enclosure that can be adjusted using three feet. An extra-heavy decoupling weight holds and stabilizes the motor. The low-speed, low-torque synchronous motor is specifically designed for turntables. The motor pulley, uniquely designed by EINSTEIN, is made of high-precision machined aluminum. It contains a mechanical mechanism, which we call a clutch, that prevents motor cogging to avoid pitch variations (wow & flutter). The result is a perfect pitch design with consistent and accurate speed.


The inner platter spindle, made of polished stainless steel, rests on a ceramic bearing ball, housed in a massive bearing block made of a special copper-based alloy (similar to brass). To achieve minimal friction, the spindle has a groove in the middle, so that only the upper and lower ends are connected to the main bearing block, eliminating any bearing noise (rumble). Furthermore, this construction stabilizes the inner platter perfectly, with no horizontal movement. This unique design also acts as an additional oil reservoir, ensuring a constant and stable oil flow. The tolerances of the spindle and bearing are so precise that the spindle with the inner and outer plates, when mounted, takes some time to sink into its final position. With the spindle and bearing featuring an ultra-precise fit, inserting the spindle requires a delicate touch to avoid compromising their precision engineering.


The inner and outer platters are precisely milled from a solid block of aluminum to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The inner platter is perfectly matched to the outer platter with a absorbent compound bond – a feat of precision engineering. Extreme caution must also be exercised when placing the outer platter onto the inner platter. The outer platter, weighing in at 5.8 kg with a diameter of 32 cm, is belt-driven. The base version features a platter mat made of natural wool felt.


The EINSTEIN mount for the 12-inch tonearm is designed with two distinct parts and materials to minimize resonances that can degrade sound quality. The inner tonearm plate, made of ebony, can be adjusted using four screws to ensure proper alignment between the center of the turntable and the center of the tonearm pivot. The outer elliptical tonearm plate, crafted from solid aluminum, clamps the wooden inner plate in place using a unique mechanism. By rotating the ellipse by 180°, the position can be adjusted to accommodate 9-10.5-inch tonearms as well as 12-inch tonearms. The tonearm mount and platter bearing are both mounted on a 6mm solid stainless steel frame that provides perfect stability.


The turntable’s mainboard is crafted from bamboo using a vertical cut, which enhances its internal stability. Bamboo does not store energy and is firmly connected to the stainless steel frame that links the main bearing to the tonearm mounting base. This construction acts as a mechanical filter, effectively reducing unwanted vibrations and resonances.


The innovative ”Floating Subchassis Feet” developed by EINSTEIN are finely tuned to a resonance frequency of 4.5 Hz, which helps to eliminate mechanical and acoustic feedback from the turntable, thus improving the tracking process and overall sound quality. They are forming a stable foundation for ”The Record Player”.


“The Record Player” comes with a graphite platter and a heavy stainless steel weight. The design of the graphite platter features a 1-degree slope from the outer to inner edge, combined with the heavy stabilizer weight, resulting in a turntable that functions like it has its own air pump. This design allows for a smoother and more resonance-optimized playback experience, with the record pressing down evenly on the platter, enabling the tonearm and cartridge to track the grooves with greater ease and accuracy. The result is an absolutely convincing improvement in sound quality.



(H x W x D)

11 cm (including the platter: 14,5 cm) x 56 cm x 42 cm


24 kg (including the external power supply)

Platter spindle with nut

765 g


760 g x 3

Belt pulley

300 g


4,500 g

Graphite disc

450 g

Platter weight

1,120 g

Power supply

980 g

Motor block with pulley

2,540 g

Chassis including bearing and 3 feet

12,800 g

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