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FRom stone to sound

Unveiling Audio Giants

„Monolith comes from the Greek language. ‚Mono‘ means single, alone, but also stands for the number one, while ‚lith‘ means stone. The decision to name the new line of EINSTEIN products ‚Monolith‘ came to us after hearing ‚Also sprach Zarathustra.‘ In the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick’s film ‚2001: A Space Odyssey,‘ a monolith shines in the rising sun to the main theme of Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem. It is a large, upright rectangular prism with a flawless, gleaming surface, clearly not of natural origin, but created by an unknown civilization.

The new Monolith series by EINSTEIN consists of products that we believe are masterpieces, surpassing our own expectations in terms of quality.

The new speakers, large individual cabinets stacked upon one another, precisely fit the definition of megaliths (mega from Greek meaning ‚big,‘ lith meaning ‚stone‘)—large, upright stones in a specific formation with a particular purpose.

The new turntable is the floating stone—the Aerolith—levitating on air.“

“THE aerolith”

Defying Gravity