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“the amp ultimate mk108”

next generation integrated

The legacy of


In 1988, EINSTEIN developed their first amplifier using transistor technology, called “The Amp”, which has since become a legend. This integrated amplifier set new standards in sound quality and technology and was praised by HiFi journalists worldwide. In 2012, we decided to continue this story and take it one step further.



During the development of “The Amp Ultimate”, our clear objective was to create the best possible integrated amplifier – one that would surpass even our previous preamp/power amp combo, “The Tube” and “The Light in the Dark”, in terms of sound quality. It took numerous comparative listening sessions and technical modifications to achieve our goal, but the end result is remarkable. Compared to our pre/power amp combination, “The Amp Ultimate” boasts even better bass control and a stunningly realistic vocal range. “The Amp Ultimate” operates with more ease and confidence – we have reached our high goal and created a new integrated amplifier that, like “The Amp” from 1988, has the potential to become a new legend and can only be named: “The Amp Ultimate”.

The inner values

Single Ended “Circeltron”

We have named the power amplifier circuitry Pure Class A / Balanced Double Single Ended Circeltron Architecture. This circuitry is identical to the one used in “The Poweramp” a highly complex circlotron circuitry that is closely related to the transformerless tube monoblocks, “The Silver Bullet OTL”. In order to achieve more power, we have replaced the power tubes of the Silver Bullet amplifiers with transistors, which requires an elaborate circuitry that justifies the effort with its sonic advantages and perfect technical specifications. Consistent with our philosophy, there can be no compromise on details, no matter how great the effort. “The Amp Ultimate” is constructed in a fully symmetrical and double-mono configuration, with a balanced input. Unbalanced signals are balanced at the input stage and transmitted to the power amplifier stage as a fully balanced signal, which also operates in a fully balanced manner.

Best Signal to noise

The signal and ground paths in all EINSTEIN components are meticulously laid out to ensure that no unwanted noise is present. Even with high-efficiency speakers played at full volume, there is no audible noise coming from the speakers. This guarantees that even the smallest useful signal is not obscured by any hum or noise, ensuring that all musical information in the signal reaches the speakers. The result is an incredibly vivid and three-dimensional sound image of breathtaking musical information. Every minute detail is audible with a beautiful tonal balance.

Stability for impact

The newly developed power supply remains stable even under extreme music signals, bass attacks, and large orchestral performances, never losing control over the speaker. As typical for EINSTEIN, the timing is exemplarily fast and precise, thanks to the high bandwidth Circlotron output stage circuitry.

History tells story

The “The Amp Ultimate” is an exceptional symmetrical Circlotron hybrid integrated amplifier that sets the bar for top-tier audio performance. It shares the same DNA as its legendary predecessor, the 1988 “The Amp”, and represents a true masterpiece of musical engineering.

“The Amp Ultimate MK108”


(H x W x D)

17 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm


25 kg

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

> 100 dB

Tonal harmonic distortion

at 1 kHz < 0.01 %

Output Level

108 Watt /8 Ohm
( 150 Watt /4 Ohm)

Dynamic Power

200 Watt

Damping Factor

> 250

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