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“the aerolith”

defying gravity

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next generation integrated

“The silver shadow”

The next generation amplifying

“The Tonearm”
with the
fidelity legacy

Handcrafted German
Audio Excellence

since 1988

Introducing the Monolith series by EINSTEIN, a testament to our unwavering commitment to audio perfection

These meticulously crafted products showcase the pinnacle of German engineering, with every detail and craftsmanship carefully considered. Among them, the Aerolith turntable stands out as a floating marvel, defying gravity with its precise engineering and captivating aesthetics. Its ethereal beauty and unparalleled performance breathe life into your cherished vinyl collection, inviting you to rediscover the magic of music.

”At EINSTEIN, we believe that there is a certain magic to analog technology that cannot be replicated by digital. That’s why we strive to incorporate the best of both worlds in our products, to deliver a listening experience that is both rich in warmth and precision.”

Volker Bohlmeier

Where artistry meets engineering.


The all new “monolith series”

“Monolith comes from the Greek language. “Mono” means single, alone, but also stands for the number one, while “lith” means stone. The decision to name the new line of EINSTEIN products ‚Monolith‘ came to us after hearing “Also sprach Zarathustra.” In the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a monolith shines in the rising sun to the main theme of Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem. It is a large, upright rectangular prism with a flawless, gleaming surface, clearly not of natural origin, but created by an unknown civilization.

The new Monolith series by EINSTEIN consists of products that we believe are masterpieces, surpassing our own expectations in terms of quality.

The new speakers, large individual cabinets stacked upon one another, precisely fit the definition of megaliths (mega from Greek meaning “big”, lith meaning “stone”)—large, upright stones in a specific formation with a particular purpose.

The new turntable is “the floating stone—the Aerolith—levitating on air”.


The EINSTEIN team is a group of highly skilled individuals who share a love for music and a drive for perfection. Led by company owner Volker Bohlmeier, they work tirelessly to create extraordinary components that simply make music. Technical development is in the hands of Rolf Weiler, while Annette Heiss ensures that every product has a simple and elegant aesthetic. Uwe Gespers and Rolf Wittig bring specialized knowledge in audio and tube technology, respectively. Supported by a network of suppliers and processors, the team works together to create timeless classics that command respect and admiration from music enthusiasts around the world.


At EINSTEIN, we place special emphasis on the quality and precision of our audio components. An important part of this is the development and design of our own circuits and the use of the shortest signal paths. By avoiding long cables and carefully arranging components, signal transmission is optimized and possible interference is minimized.
Our experts work hard to achieve the best possible sound quality while ensuring that each component seamlessly works together. The development and use of our own circuits are an integral part of this process, as they give us complete control over the design and quality of our products.
With this approach, we can ensure that every product bearing our name provides the highest level of quality and performance. EINSTEIN components not only offer impressive sound but also unparalleled sound fidelity and reliability that is appreciated by audio enthusiasts worldwide.


In today’s digital world, there are still people who have a deep love for analog technology. For these individuals, it’s not just about the sound, but also about the feeling that comes with using analog technologies.
Analog devices have a physical presence that digital devices lack. Clicking a switch, turning a knob, or placing a record on a turntable can provide a sense of satisfaction and control that is often absent in the digital world.
But it’s not just about the feeling. Many argue that analog technology produces a warmer, more natural sound than digital technology. The sound of vinyl, for example, is often described as more “authentic” and “intimate” than the sound of digital music formats.
For those who share a love for analog, it’s not just a preference for the old or traditional, but a deep appreciation for the way analog technology enriches the human experience.

How it all started

Volker Bohlmeier and Rolf Weiler who met in Bochum (Germany) sometime in the late 1980’s, are drawn together by an idea and lifetime realization: providing music playback in the most authentic and highest level of fidelity possible, suspending the distance between the listener and music. Thus, the two specialists created a unique audio component system that is now loved and appreciated by the HiFi elite around the world under the name EINSTEIN, representing the highest demands in terms of sound and engineering level. The EINSTEIN vision of stereo technology was born. After three years of development, EINSTEIN presented a new standard in the audio world with ”The Amp” amplifier in 1990.

With a rich heritage spanning over three decades, EINSTEIN has established itself as a revered name in the world of high-end audio. Founded in 1988, our German-based company has been at the forefront of audio innovation, combining technical prowess with a deep appreciation for music.

At EINSTEIN, we believe that audio reproduction should be an immersive and emotional experience. That’s why our team of passionate engineers and craftsmen meticulously handcraft each product, ensuring the utmost precision and attention to detail. From amplifiers and preamplifiers to turntables and speakers, every EINSTEIN creation embodies the perfect balance of artistry and engineering excellence.

Our unwavering commitment to uncompromising sound quality has earned us a dedicated global following of discerning audiophiles. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, EINSTEIN has consistently delivered products that transcend expectations, delivering breathtakingly realistic and captivating soundscapes.



”When a development embodies the distinct Einstein sound qualities, and evokes goosebumps in our team, we know we’re getting close to our ambitious goal. When music becomes as vivid as a live concert, and listeners are transported to another world, we know we’ve done it right.”